Robert Miller

Robert Miller

About Me
I'm a motivated software engineer who has experience building and scaling web applications. I'm also passionate about open-source, and helping growing development teams build great products.
Blog Posts

Sucuri blog posts about spam, has spam

Sometimes when you hit the bottom of the google search barrel you run into some pretty interesting stuff, like an entire swath of hacked government sites.

Stack Overflow's 2021 April Fools prank

Stack Overflow's 2021 April Fools prank, your very own copy/paste device!

AlmaLinux OS stable release

AlmaLinux OS, which is a drop in replacement for CentOS 8, has released the first stable version!

Security headers for applications

What are security headers, and how can I use them to help better secure my website?

WordPress Theme Detector

WordPress Theme Detector attempts to detect parent and child themes of a WordPress website. Uses PHP, React, Scss


Swapform is an open source and intuitive package that makes input and textarea elements more modern and useful, without the need of writing extra code. Uses Sass and JavaScript

WordPress Security Headers

WordPress plugin that checks your WordPress website for common headers associated with security. Uses PHP, MySQL

Custom Forum

A forum for video games, musicians, etc. Has full forum features, default SEO setup and the ability to use an existing websites authentication system. Uses PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, Webpack, jQuery, Bootstrap, MySQL

Hacking Simulation Game

A massive online multiplayer game featuring a simulated operating system, open world and large set of features. Uses PHP, JavaScript, Sockets, jQuery, Bootstrap, Redis, MySQL


A customizable and fully featured developer portfolio with administrative interface. You are looking at it right now. Uses PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, Webpack, jQuery, Bootstrap, MySQL

Swift Shell

A framework integrating over 50 shell scripts into one location to ease usage of multiple scripts on multiple servers. Uses Bash, Python

Quality Assurance

A fully featured application to perform quality assurance on front line support working in tickets, chats and calls. Also features QA form creation, inline call recordings and notation. Uses PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, MySQL


A real time statistics application combining multiple ticket, phone and live chat software into a completely modifiable interface. Uses PHP, JavaScript, Sockets, jQuery, Bootstrap, MySQL


Website Developer, 2021+

A2 Hosting

Software Developer, 2017 - 2021


Linux Systems Administrator, 2016 - 2017

Site5 Web Hosting

Linux Systems Administrator, 2015 - 2016


Windows System Administrator, 2012 - 2015

Languages & Frameworks

PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, React, jQuery, WebPack, CSS, SCSS, Bash


MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite


Nginx, Apache, Windows, cPanel, Plesk

Other Keywords

Docker, Agile / Scrum, Visual Studio Code, NPM, Composer, Unit Testing